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Obama Plays the Race Card

In the debate on October 16, Obama effectively played the race card.  Romney accused Obama of covering up the fact that the attack in Libya was a planned act of terror created by an organized jihad group – and not a spontaneous riot caused by an insulting video.   Obama said that a suggestion he would cover up such a fact was “offensive.”

The word “offensive” is a common word used by African Americans to imply a racial slur by white person.  Such a slur is not only interpreted as unethical and insensitive but even as racist hate speech that is illegal.

Thus Obama presented himself as an “offended” black man being slurred by a white racist.   This is the exact accusation that is commonly made among the liberal talk show hosts:  they state that many of the people who oppose Obama are racists who don’t want a black man to be president.

An implication from this accusation is that if anyone is opposed to $1 trillion a year deficits must be a racist.

Another implication of this racist accusation is that the only way that one could oppose such a brilliant and ethical politician such as Obama is if one is a racially biased.  The Obama opponents are seen as whites clinging to their guns and religion and having antipathy to people who don’t look like them.

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