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A Compassionate Lawyer

A lawyer was driving along a street and spotted a man on a lawn, eating grass.  This startled him and he stopped his car to ask the man a question,
“What are you doing”?
“Eating grass,” the man replied.
“Why are you eating grass?
“I can’t afford food; I have no job; I have no source of money.  This is all I can eat.”
“Come on, get in the car,” the lawyer warmly said to the man.

As they were driving the lawyer asked, “Do you have a family?”
“Yes, I have a wife and three kids,” the man replied.
“What do they eat?”
“Grass, like me.  That’s all we have.”
The lawyer than said, “What is your address?  Let’s pick them up.”

The man gave the lawyer his address and they went to his home and picked up his wife and kids.

As they were all driving along, the man said, “This is very kind of you, sir.”

The lawyer responded, “Oh, it’s no problem at all.  The grass in my lawn is a foot tall.”

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