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There is little question that our schools are failing us. We must make it easier to get rid of poor teachers, principles, and administrators.  We can’t have thousands of children suffer for the job security of one person.  There is no correlation between money spent and academic performance.  We must separate out children who cannot, or will not, cooperate with the teachers and cooperate with the rules of the school, especially those students who refuse to do homework or who cause disruption in classes.  These students are one the main causes of poor academics in classes.

The goal of the educational system is to educate the children — not to use the classroom as a vehicle of political or social policies, and not to use to classroom to compensate for the irresponsibility of the child’s parents.  Thus the children who are willing to cooperate with the school rules, willing to do the work required, and willing to learn, can be separated from the students who are unable or unwilling to do these things.  These latter student can be put in classrooms that specialize in meeting their needs.  This specialized classrooms include more authorative classrooms for students who were not taught respect for teachers, respect for rules, basic morality and basic etiquette.

The classrooms should not be used for inclusion for to promote social equality.  In the same way, higher education and different career paths do not promote inclusion and social equality.  Certainly, some affirmative action should be used to compensate for racial discrimination and some help should be given to those people who are willing and able to do the job, but need a little help, but the reality of our whole economic and social system is that those people with the most talent and those who are willing to work the hardest, and contribute the most, usually get into the better schools and get the better jobs (as well as get the best friends and the best mates) later in life.

Equal outcomes without equal input is an illusion.

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