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A Universal Draft

The Iraqi war has proven that the U.S. cannot afford conventional wars any longer. And we have an international responsibility, as world leaders, to periodically fight wars. Secondly, the U.S. needs workers in many areas that free enterprise has not supplied. Thirdly, with the philosophy of responsibility, all U.S. citizens should give back to the country something in return for what they have received.

Thus there should be a universal military draft of two years, for both men and women. They can do three years of civilian work if they choose. If they refuse, they will be imprisoned for one year. A lottery system will be set up to only draft the number of people needed to serve the country.

With the constant threat of war, the latest economic crisis the U.S. is now fighting for, not only its leadership position, but its survival. We are in a state of war, JFK’s war, and we need all the resources of war.

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