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President Obama, a Con Artist?

When people discuss President Obama’s considerable political skills, they often leave out one of his biggest talents:  that of popular law school professor.

Obama taught constitutional law at Chicago Law School for over ten years.  In that job, he faced challenging questions from some of the top young minds in the country on extremely controversial subjects.  He developed the ability to come up with a reasonable response to virtually any question.    Between this ability and that of a common con-artist is a thin line.  That is, both the skilled politician and skilled lawyer can argue anything, and come up with convincing arguments.

The human mind is flexible.  Freud captured this phenomenon with his theory of rationalization.  An intelligent and creative person can bend his thinking to justify virtually any idea and any behavior .

Obama successfully used this talent with four previous crisis which would have devastated a person with lesser talent.  And he got away with it.  However, Obamacare might have been his Waterloo.    Waterloo is reality.

But Obama and his supporters, especially Nancy Polosy, got Obama Care passed with hardly anyone know how it would work out, as long as they got something passed.  They could modify it later.   And once the government gave 14 million more people free health care — at the expense of working, healthy people — there was no way it could be taken away!

Here are his four previous crisis’:

  1. With “fast and furious,”  our government sold hundreds of guns to Mexican drug lords for some wacky reason.  One of the guns were used to kill a government agent.   Obama simply refused to answer questions about the policy and the Attorney General, Eric Holder – the enforcer of U.S. laws — simply refused to appear in Congress to answer questions.  He is still under “contempt of Congress.”
  2. With Bengaszi, Obama was running against Romney for the Presidency, and part of his pitch that he was successful in defeating El Quada.  He stated that El Quada was on the run.  Then when an El Quada affiliate successfully attacked a U.S. Embassy in Lybia, Obama simply lied about it – saying it wasn’t a terrorist attack, but rather a spontaneous outburst in protest of an anti-Islam video created by an amateur.   Susan Rice – now the National Security Advisor – went in front of the UN and on numerous talk shows to spread the lie.  The Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, also misled Congress (“Americans were killed!  Why do you care about such trivial things like a terrorists attack versus a video protest (paraphrased)”.  It was just a political deception in order to help Obama win the election.
  3. With the IRS/Tea Party scandal, Obama, simply said he didn’t know a thing, and was just as outraged as everyone else.

With Obamacare, Obama stated that the costs of no one’s  policies would raised and everyone could keep their doctor.

There is no way, he could not have known that some people who were satisfied with their policies would lose them.  There is not way he could not have known that some people who were satisfied with their doctors would lose them.  These people were working people who were paying high health insurance policies.  They were not important.  Who was important was 14 million low income people with no policies.

Any bright college student could have informally done the math and conclude that there was no way that Obamacare could work without raising the costs of people who were satisfied with their plans and doctors.

Here’s why:

Obama was Santa Claus.  He wanted to give everyone everything without it costing anyone anything.  And this is the basic con job: the con states that there is such a thing as a free lunch, when there isn’t.  Someone always has to pay.

Obama wanted to give 14 more million people free health care – an expansion of Medicaid.  And this is not counting free health insurance of “undocumented immigrants,” which is sure to come later.  Also, he wanted to give young people their parent’s health care up to age 26.  Then health care for pre-existing conditions.   Then he wanted to to subsidize millions of people for the raise in their health insurance costs.  (And who pays for this? — the question that Progressives seldom ask.)

Where does this money come from?  It can only come from three sources: 1) a rise in costs for health care policies for those who have satisfactory policies now; 2) mandatory policies for people who don’t need them (young healthy people); and 3) a rise in taxes or increase in the federal debt.

But Obama kept on with his mantra – the liberal mantra:  “You can have everything and it won’t cost anyone anything (except for the millionaires).”  However,  Obama overlooks one thing:  economic reality.  And this reality exposes his deception.

Another Obama deception was his “anger” over the Obama care website not working.  How can a administrator be in charge of a $600 million, 3-year web site development and not be aware that it wasn’t going to work?


These political behaviors of President Obama were not criminal or even unethical.  They were political!  One aspect of political skills is to get things done and get away with it, in terms of public opinion and votes.  Obama was a good politician.  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was not so good.  They didn’t get away with so much.

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