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(Note: (9/20) RG supports Joseph Biden for President.  Donald Trump would be a  disaster.  The fact is, whether you like him or not, he can’t do the job.  I am a  realistic idealist.

The “RG for President” is only for a realstic-ideal set of policies of where I feel the country should go, and where Biden should go when he becomes President (the American voters are too smart to vote in a proven incompetent President).  This is not to knock him but only to point out that the job is too complicated for him.

I am advocating that you write in my name ONLY if Trump doesn’t have a chance to win.  If Biden is sure to carry your state, then you can safely write in my name to vote for a set of policies that increase the probability of having a realistic-ideal world.   Now onto my pitch!_

Let’s stop kidding ourselves. We feel our angst for the future for a reason. And neither nor Donald Trump the next (possible) President is going to do much to get rid of this bleak vision of the future.

The reason they are going to do nothing about it is they don’t want to see the problem. They want to bury their heads in the sand.  Like the majority of us want to do.

We are like the Buffalos in Indian times, running over a cliff.

And what is this collapse? It is our $20 trillion debt (and increasing); it is the world’s draining of the earth of all its natural recourses; it is the transfer of the U.S. industrial might to Mexico and China; it is 50% unemployment in some minority communities (with all its consequential anti-social behavior); it is the heroin epidemic; it is the spread of nuclear weapons; it is our being on the brink of World War III; it is the unraveling of the world order; it is the illegal immigration; it is the global warming (with the increasing amounts of floods, fires, and draughts); and it is global Islamic jihad.

And what do the Republicans and Democrats plan to do about this collapse?

Band-Aids! Band-Aids! Band-Aids!

What does RG plan to do about this impending disaster?

A new economic model that has sustainability as its priority.

A priority of quality of life, which emphasizes everyone obeying the law.

An end to illegal immigration, including deporting many of the illegal immigrants in the country now. (Amnesty encourages illegal immigration.)

Prison Reform (Our prisons are full and do more dehabilitation than rehabilitation.)

Guaranteed employment at minimum wage.

World government (based on democracy).

No-interest loans for education for all citizens.

National sales tax on all harmful goods.

For details on these policies, check out:


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