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Month: August 2016

A Universal Draft

The Iraqi war has proven that the U.S. cannot afford conventional wars any longer. And we have an international responsibility, as world leaders, to periodically fight wars. Secondly, the U.S. needs workers in many areas that free enterprise has not supplied. Thirdly, with the philosophy of…

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Military Strategy

The conventional military isn’t appropriate for fighting an unconventional war. The Muslim jihadists are sending young suicide bombers into a crowd and we are fighting this stragegy with tanks and full army gear. A new, unconventional military strategy is needed. We need to re-evaluate the freedom…

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World Government

World Destruction or world government The historical era of radical nationalism is over!! As Einstein once said, America and the rest of the world has a choice: world destruction or world government. As the world is going now, we will have endless wars and an endless…

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Immigration Reform

A rational immigration policy We must have a rational and realistic immigration policy and it must be implemented. States and cities must be forced to obey national laws, just like everyone else. Illegal immigrants must obey the laws of the country, just like American citizens must…

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There is little question that our schools are failing us. Make it easier to get rid of poor teachers and principles.  We can’t have thousands of children suffer for the job security of one person.  There is no correlation between money spent and academic performance.  We…

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Health Reform

Health Care (“Healtho”) Between the idea and the act lies the wasteland.   Between the theory of the best health care system and it’s reality lay politics. Obama and the progressives have only passed what they could get through Congress.  Obamacare may be worse than what we…

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Quality of Life

A national code of etiquette. Because of the popular belief in cultural relativity, the U.S. society has evolved into a state where no one seems to know the difference between right and wrong. Laws are said to be made for practical purposes, not to define morality…

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