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World Government

World Destruction or world government

The historical era of radical nationalism is over!! As Einstein once said, America and the rest of the world has a choice: world destruction or world government. As the world is going now, we will have endless wars and an endless arms race. This can only result in world destruction in the long run. In the meantime, the endless wars and arms races results in hundreds of billions of dollars wasted that could be used to create a green planet and a world without needless suffering.

We should have a foreign policy based on the goal of eventual world government.

All of our foreign policies should be oriented with two main goals in mind: establishing a world government and outlawing war. By doing this, we would free up hundreds of billions of dollars spend on armaments. This money could be used to fight the real wars of America and the world: global warming, elimination of scares resources, elimination of natural resources, poverty, starvation, ignorance, and oppression.

U.S. foreign policy should have another broad, universal goal: the creation and maintenance of a good earth. An earth where there was population control, sustainable resources, universal peace, and minimum needs met for all people. These minimum needs would include the following: basic health care; basic education; basic freedoms (religion, speech, thought, and vote); basic housing; and basic food.

The U.S. would actively pursue these goals while encouraging other nations to do the same. The U.S. would be leaders in this area and the American citizens would be spiritually mature. They wouldn’t care what the other countries did. They would do the right thing regardless of what others did.


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