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Immigration Reform

A rational immigration policy

We must have a rational and realistic immigration policy and it must be implemented. States and cities must be forced to obey national laws, just like everyone else. Illegal immigrants must obey the laws of the country, just like American citizens must obey the laws and just like immigrants to every country must obey the laws of that country.

Immigration Reform

It is amazing that what Progressives — including Hillary Clinton and President Obama — call “Immigration Reform” is a deception.  It doesn’t mean “reform” at all.  It means eventual citizenship for all illegal immigrants and it means “open borders.”  Of course, Progressives don’t  say they are for open borders, because that could cost them elections.   However, Progressives give the definite message to their Hispanic supporters that they want to do just what the Hispanic illegal immigrants and the future illegal immigrants want.  The Progressives only temporarily compromises for political reasons.  They give illegal immigrants the message that if it were up them, there would have open borders.

Any person in Latin America who is “tired or poor ” who “wants a better life for herself and her family,” or is facing violence at home is welcome to come the the U.S.  We will teach y0u and your family English, give your kids a good education, give your whole family free health care, and set you up with a plethora of welfare benefits.  The total lifetime costs of these programs will be over $1 million.  If the racist, anti-immigrant, cold hearted, and evil conservatives pass laws against open borders, just get your feet on our soil any way possible, and we will not deport you.  If you have a child on this soil, he will be a citizen and you and your family will be guaranteed eventual citizenship.  We will not deport a citizen nor rip your child from your arms.

This will all be paid for by the unsuspecting taxpayer.

During one of President Obama’s speeches to his Hispanic supporters, a man in the crowd yelled out, “You are our brother.”  And Obama replied, “Yes, I am your brother.”  That is, “I want what you want.”

In the end, Obama more fully supported illegal immigrants and the American citizens who are the lower end of the economic status.  This is even a good bias to have — to help the poor.

However, these open-border, non-deporting policies may hurt the U.S. country as a whole, and even hurt the poor in the long run.  This is why when Obama — and later Progressives — say they are for the middle class, it has a hallow ring to it. Progressives may be killing the goose that is laying the golden eggs.  And one of these ways he is killing the goose is by his policies refuse to deport illegal immigrants, that is policies that allow anyone who comes here to stay here.

Open borders will eventually lead to an increasing illegal invasion to the U.S.  The whole concept of democracy is that the citizens of the country have control over the country and take responsibility for their decisions.  No other country in the world, democratic or not, has open borders.  Every country knows that this policy is self destructive in the long run.

Open borders is a policy that states that any who comes to the United States, whether on a visitor’s visa, with an illegal entry, or with work permit, and stays here, they can eventually become citizens.  Once citizens, they have a right to bring their families to the U.S., and these relatives will eventually become citizens.  It also means that no illegal immigrant can be deported unless they have committed a felony or multiple serious misdemeanors.  This is the Progressive policy, even though it is against the law.

Progressives are committed to changing the country as we know it. The main reason that I am running for President is simply because the policies of the many of the main candidates will significantly harm the country, and they are committed to these policies. They must be committed to these policies. Otherwise they would loose the Hispanic vote. And neither one of them can afford this. Thus they both are mum on the immigration policy.

The American electorate isn’t helping much either. The immigration situation is simply under the radar screen. In an era of irresponsibility and individual self-interest, few people care about the country — and the world — in the long run, for all groups.  That is they are not committed to the general good.

Businesses — one of the main supporters of illegal immigration — care only about their short-term profits. Businesses, including small businesses, get good — illegal — workers for cheap wages. Many of these immigrant workers do what Americans won’t do (for low wages). Thus this is the battle cry for illegal immigrants:

“We do the work that Americans won’t do.  Thus we deserve to become citizens.”

The taxpayer pays the real costs of businesses hiring illegal immigrants.

Then these businesses pass on the costs of these illegal immigrants to the taxpayer, who is generally unaware that he is paying the costs of illegal labor.  The taxpayer must pay for the illegal immigrants’ health care (via emergency rooms), their childrens’ education (including special education and bi-lingual education, and other welfare benefits.  Meanwhile most illegal immigrants get paid under-the-table and in cash and pay little taxes.

Then, if the illegal immigrants become citizens, the taxpayer must pay for the new citizen’s right to bring his wife and his children back home to the U.S. to become citizens. Then he and his wife have the right to bring their parents to the U.S. and become citizens. This is called family reunification, one of the demands of the Hispanic “civil rights movement.”

The parents will immediately get Medicaid, which is a better health care plan than most working Americans have under Obamacare.  And in five years, these parents will get SSI, equivalent to a Social Security retirement. Added onto this is Obama’s policy of giving medical insurance to all current illegal immigrant’s children and giving these children financial aid for college, while the taxpayer must pay for his own children’s medical insurance and college education himself.

We have historical evidence what will happen if all illegal immigrants eventually become citizens.  In 1986, the above consequences is exactly what happened.  Americans were promised that if they made all illegal immigrants citizens, then the borders would be protected, and there would be no more illegal immigration.  Then, in 1986, around four million illegal immigrants were made citizens.  This only created a wave of new illegal immigration.   Illegal immigrants believed (correctly) if they made their way to the U.S. they could make higher (illegal) incomes than in their own country, and they would eventually become citizens.  This created our present situation, there were three times as many illegal immigrants as there was in 1986 — an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants.

Fooled me once, shame on you. Fooled me twice, shame on me.

It isn’t rocket science to foresee what will happen if all the current 12 million illegal immigrants become citizens.   They will have swing votes in many political elections and they will usually vote for open borders.  They will insist on bringing over their extended families, which will result in over 20 million more Hispanic immigrants.  And then there will be an estimated three times the illegal immigration numbers in 25 years — just like what happened between 1986 and 2012.  That is, there will probably be 42 million more illegal immigrants — fully supported by the new Hispanic voters.  Thus the total amount of new Hispanic citizens in 25 years will be around (12 million now + 20 million of families of the new citizens  + 42 million more illegal immigrants = 74 million more Hispanic immigrants in 25 years.  Then you can add on top of this all the children the illegal immigrants have in the U.S., who automatically become citizens.

As Bill Clinton once said, “Do the math.”

This is happening before our very eyes.  In September, 2018,  36% of all New York City students were Hispanic, and only 15% were white and 15% black.

This is nothing less than a Hispanic invasion and a realistic plan to take over the country.  And anyone who opposes this is labeled a “racist” and “anti-immigrant.”

In the process of this takeover, the U.S. economy may be ruined because of the increased cost of benefits – health care, SSI, welfare, and education – and the illegal behavior of new immigrants (drug trafficking, gangs, and violence).  The U.S. debt may eventually become so large that we will be in the exact position Greece is in today.  And the whole country will probably be in the condition that California is in now, with a majority of Hispanic voters:  broke, broke, broke.

Many ordinary Americans take take part and benefit in the same scheme

Millions of regular Americans do the same thing as businesses. However, they are never pointed out, because politicians need their vote.   These American citizens hire illegal immigrants to do construction, take care of their children, clean their houses, take care of their elderly parents, and many other useful jobs, jobs which they can’t find American citizens to do at the same low rate of pay. These citizens pay the illegal immigrants in cash and don’t give them benefits. They get hard working, honest workers and they pass on the real costs to taxpayers who don’t use illegal immigrants. These costs include health care, education for their children, and a multitude of social services.

The children of the illegal parents aren’t the same as their parents.

There is little question that to make 12 million illegal immigrants legal would significantly hurt the American economy and harm the U.S. quality of life.

However, there is some evidence from  think tanks that conclude that illegal immigrants may add to the American economy and quality of life. They work hard and, except for being in the U.S. illegally, obey the rules.

However, statistics show that their children don’t behave in the same way!

Their children tend to have many of the same social dysfunctions as American inner city, minority youth, and they have these dysfunctions for the same reasons.  They have similar rates of crime; similar dysfunctional school performance; similar rates of single mothers; and so on.

Also the political ideology is the same as much of African-American political ideology:  All disparities between minority economic well-being and majority economic well-being is due to the oppression and racism of white Americans.   The belief is that “America is a racist country” and “Whites are racist.”   And all solutions to the disparities and the dysfunctions in the minority community are caused by racial disparity.   There must be equal economic distribution, regardless of economic contribution.

This is the reason the political ideology of the Hispanic invasion is called a “civil rights movement.”  They are labeling the non-Hispanic citizens of the U.S. as “racists” and see themselves as victims of oppression and racism, and thus entitled to all the “reparations” that African Americans receive, such as income transfers and “diversity quotas” (legal affirmative action).

We must allow more illegal immigrants in the country to do the work American’s won’t do

Also, once these illegal immigrants become legal, however, they will not do the jobs that Americans won’t do. They will be American citizens!! The are entitled to the American dream!  They won’t do the hard working, low paying jobs for the same reasons Americans won’t do them. There are easier ways of making a buck, including gretting more education, getting more work skills, going on welfare or engaging in criminal activity (especially drug dealing). Thus we will have to allow more illegal immigrants in the country to do the work that needs to be done but that no one wants to do, for low wages.  If allowed, this process will go on and on.

The end of the Republican Party

But Democrats don’t care. They know once they make these illegal immigrants citizens,they will never vote for Republicans, the party that opposed their getting citizenship. Republicans will need the Hispanic vote to win in many close elections throughout the country — and they won’t get them. It will be the end of the Republican party.  Thus, currently very few Republicans will stand up and do what is best for the country regarding illegal immigration.  The illegal immigrants have the country by the throat, and they know it.

What can be done?

The solution to the illegal immigration problem and to authentic immigration reform is simple:  1) Enforce the laws that are on the books; and 2) If the voters don’t like these laws, then change them; and 3) Once new immigration laws are passed enforce these laws!

What illegal immigrants and progressives demand is that the U.S. have no immigration laws, and if the U.S does have immigration laws, these laws must not be enforced.

Also, all Americans must compromise on our civil liberties a little and have a law that we must carry some form of official documentation, such as a driver’s license.  On this identification could be our legal status in the U.S., for instance:  “citizen”, “documented worker”, “documented student”, “undocumented worker”, “undocumented person”, and so on.  Any person not having such an ID and not being able to supply one could be grounds for immediate deportation.

In this way, at least we would know what the illegal immigrant situation was.  Also we could fingerprint or take DNA samples from all illegal immigrants, so that it would be easier to identify them in case of crime, re-entry after deportation, or not showing up for court hearings.

We could make becoming an American citizen a priviledge and not a right.  We could allow some illegal immigrants to remain in the country and we could expand our program for legal guest workers, but we could insist that they not become legal citizens just because they illegally stayed in the U.S. a long time.  They could be made citizens only if it would benefit the country and not come at the expense of present citizens of the country.  (We already have an immigration policy that foreign workers can’t come here if they take a job from an American citizen.  However, we have ignored that policy if the immigrant comes here illegally and stays.)

Being against illegal immigration does not mean being against legal immigration.

In fact, having an immigration policy that is actually enforced — that is, deporting illegal immigrants and stopping illegal immigrants from entering the country — may actually result in more immigration.  But it will be immigration that will help the country, as well as less developed countries.  The contributing immigrants will be able to send more money back home and we could afford to give developing countries more — much more — economic assistance.


We can have a rational immigration policy that is enforceable and that is good for the country in the long run, if, and only if, we have the political will. “Yes, we can!”   But it seems that RG Martin is one of the few politicians with a policy aiming in that direction.

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